How Does Red-Blue 3D Glasses Works?

Red-blue 3D glasses, also known as anaglyph 3D glasses, are a type of eyewear that creates the illusion of depth and dimension in 3D images and videos. These glasses utilize red and blue filters to separate the visual information for each eye.

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MINI 3D Viewer: A Window into Immersive 3D Realms.

The MINI 3D Viewer is a compact and versatile side-by-side 3D stereoscope designed to revolutionize your 3D viewing experience. Whether you want to enjoy captivating 3D images or immerse yourself in thrilling 3D videos, this portable viewer is the perfect companion.

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Linear Polarized 3D Glasses Types and Applications.

Linear polarized 3D glasses are a type of eyewear designed for enhancing the three-dimensional viewing experience. By utilizing the principles of polarized light, these glasses allow viewers to perceive depth and realism in movies, gaming, and other multimedia content.

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